These Spanish cities would make settling down much easier!

Changing countries of residents are no easy feat for no one. It requires a lot of planning and decision-making. One major decision that needs to be made before you start with every other procedure is the city you would be moving into. Spain is a big country with cities, after all, so moving to Spain in the real sense, is actually moving to one of the cities in Spain. This decision can then influence other moving decisions for you. 

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There are several things to consider when thinking about the best Spanish city to move into. Factors such as;

•    Does it suit the purpose for which you are moving?

•    How accessible are the basic amenities like in the city?

•    How accessible are basic services like the Spanish banks?

•    How expensive is the city, compared to other cities?

Reviews from different platforms have handpicked some cities which are considered great living options on general terms. In no specific order, some of these cities are;


As the country’s capital city, this selection is of no major surprise. Madrid is a perfect blend of culture, business, and every other thing commonly associated with Spain. Intending expat would find this city an excellent choice especially if they are moving from an equal bubbling area and do not wish to lose that lifestyle pattern. 

The city is known as one of the biggest and booming financial and economic centers in Europe, making it a choice for most businesses; both local and foreign. 

Surprisingly, living in Madrid is not as expensive as you would have thought it to be as there are even more expensive cities to live in other European cities. Food, entertainment, and tourism are the highlights of these cities, which help to curb the overall boredom commonly associated with living in Spain and they all come at minimal costs. 


Maybe you want to enjoy life in the country’s capital but you do not want the expenses that come with it, this city is your best bet. Spain is known for its cheap accommodation but this city takes it a notch lower. 

It is a great place to start a life because basic services needed such as public transport, good health care system and quality education are all well catered to. The food and beautiful sceneries are also things of major lure to intending expats. Finding a job; whether physical or free-lance, has also been found to be easier in this city as against some other cities in the country. 


Known as one of the most traditional cities and the 4th biggest city in the country, this city also records many expats living in it. Living a fun life as an expat is very much assured in Sevilla. However, if you are not a person to withstand very hot weather, this might not be your best option as Sevilla is known as one of the warmest cities in Europe